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The Abstructor procedure is the process that set us apart from all the rest

message to pre-order customers


Pre-order terms & Conditions

Dear Customer:


We here at Abstructor Inc. would like to thank everyone for their pre-order support. As we look back over our initial marketing efforts, we feel that we have not been clear and transparent enough about the pre-order process. 

To get the best manufacturing costs for the Abstructor, we have to reach a certain minimum volume that allows us to get the product to market at the pre-order price. We have not reached that goal. So while your money remains secure, we have not been able to place your orders for the Abstructor. However, we are working diligently to ensure that we reach that minimum volume, with a new marketing campaign and your continued support.

Our early pre-order customers like you get the perks of the discounted price and a secure claim on your Abstructor machines upon arrival of the first shipment. 

As a start-up company, we face obstacles and challenges. But we grind through tough the times in order to deliver you, our customers, a quality product with integrity.

Thank You for Your Support,

Jerry Ward, President

Abstructor Inc.

Terms & Conditions


We will do our best to ship Pre-Ordered Products to our customers in accordance with their expected ship date. If this changes, we'll let you know as soon as possible.

You are responsible for keeping your shipping and contact information up-to-date to ensure proper shipment of any Pre-Ordered Products. Please email us at abfit @Abstructor.com if you need to update any of this information.

You will be charged at time of placing your Pre-Order. If we're unable to commence shipping one year from your order placement, we will provide a full-refund at your request. Otherwise, no discounts, refunds or credits will be offered due to any such delays.

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